Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Helpful Veg Blogs and Websites

One thing that helps me with my weight loss journey is to be able to look at other people's blogs and websites for inspiration, information, education, etc.  If you check out my blog, I am sure some of these sites I post will be of no surprise to you (the Fat Free Vegan).  However, hopefully there will be something listed that may be new to you.  Also, if you look at my list and see that I am leaving off a great veg blog or website, PLEASE let me know.  Knowledge is power and I love to have so many wonderful blogs and websites to visit.  Here's my list so far:

1.  The Fat Free Vegan (Probably the most well known of the sites I will list, but it's such a GREAT resource!  So many recipes to try!  One thing I have found with this site is that other people can also post recipes to the site.  I have had much better luck with the author's recipes.  She has her blog attached to the website and I really enjoy her recipes, photos and blog posts.

2.  The Happy Herbivore-I have recently started checking out this site.  The author doesn't use oil in her recipes which makes it very easy to cook with Weight Watchers.  Sometimes I will sub out agave nectar and stevia for the sugar that she uses, but that's no big deal.

3.  Dancing Through Life-Maintenance with Ashley-This is a blog from a vegan Weight Watchers Leader.  I love to see all of the foods she prepares and eats.  She shows pictures of mostly unprocessed gluten free vegan foods.  She's also an inspiration to read.

4.  Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine-I recently bought Dr. Neal Barnard's Get Healthy, Go Vegan Cookbook.  After reading the introduction to the cookbook, I decided to check out the website and see if it included additional recipes and it does!

5.  Spark People-Along with doing Weight Watchers, I like to track my calories, carbs, protein and fat on Spark People.  It's free and very useful.  I also like to check out their vegan recipes.

6.  Vegetarian Times Recipes-I think this is a great site to find recipes.  Their database gives you the option to really narrow your search down for exactly what you are looking for.

7.  Diet, Dessert and Dogs-An all vegan website with great looking recipes.  Also, the author makes her dogs the stars of the website-that will get brownie points with me everytime!  :)

8.  Healthy Happy Life-All vegan site with beautiful photos of the recipes.  This site was recommended by one of the people I talk with on the Weight Watchers Vegetarian Message Board (another great resource for knowledge and information).

9.  Two Blue Lemons-A vegetarian and vegan recipe site.  This site was also recommended by someone on the Veg Board.

10.  100 Best Blogs for Delicious and Healthy Recipes-This article has some vegetarian and vegan blogs listed on it (77-90).

This list is just a start.  There are so many great vegan blogs and websites out there with a focus on health and weight loss.  Many of the people I talk with on the Weight Watchers Veg Message Board have blogs but I am not going to post them here because I have not asked them if I could do that.  But I find out so much great information from reading their blogs and these listed above.


  1. Hey Katy,
    Thanks so much for including my blog in this list! Can't wait to check out the few I don't already know. I'm so happy my blog has been of use to you. My own weight loss journey has me down by 45 pounds and counting. . . of course, walking the dogs helped. ;)

    Good luck with yours! :)

  2. Thank you so much for including me on this list!! You are so sweet. Those are definitely some of my favs as well.

    Also love:
    Making Love in the Kitchen w/ Meghan
    Choosing Raw
    Vegan Cookbook Critic
    Oh She Glows

  3. Thank you both for providing so much inspiration to me! :) Also, thank you for the suggestions, Ashley!