Sunday, August 7, 2011

Pushing the Reset Button

This isn't a particularly flattering picture of me, however, it's an important picture because I had just completed an intense workout.  A workout where I burned over 800 calories getting ready for the upcoming Hope for Horse 5K that's coming up in October.  I took this picture because I want to remember this feeling I had after I finished a workout on a particularly hot day.  I was tired and hot, but the sense of accomplishment far outweighed the feeling of fatigue.  I want this picture to serve as a reminder for how I feel when I do something good for myself and my body.  This picture can be there for me on those days where I feel lazy and unmotivated.  I can look at this and think about how I will feel afterwards and that feeling makes it all worth it.  

I have mentioned how it's been a struggle for me lately because of moving, starting a new job and just life transitions in general.  Life has been hectic.  It's easy to put health on the backburner when everything else gets stressful.  But I have pressed the reset button.  I am starting fresh and I am not going to let my health get pushed aside just because life is stressful.  In fact, that's when I need to be healthy the most.  I have set three new goals for myself.  Two of the goals are weight related and one of the goals is fitness related.  We have started meal planning again and grocery shopping.  We are getting our lives put back in order and it feels good.  I have two weight milestones coming up.  The first one coming up is my first goal--Goal #1 is to get in the 160s.  I am so close and I really feel like it could happen in the next two weeks.  The next weight goal--Goal #2 is to hit the 100 pounds lost milestone by my birthday.  That's also very possible if I stay focused.  Yes, I know our bodies do their own thing sometimes, so if my body doesn't want to cooperate, that's okay.  But this is what I am going to work towards with my exercise and calorie range each day.  And goal #3 is my fitness goal--to run in the Hope for Horses 5K in mid-October and try to do it in under 30 minutes.  So.....those are my goals!  

I have pressed the reset button!


  1. Wow! Good for you! I totally get putiing your health on the back burner when things get tough. In fact its the first thing out the window for me, and you're right, that's just the time when we should take the best care of ourselves. Gotta love that reset button!

  2. Having recently pressed a reset button myself, I can totally relate! Great job working out so hard on a hot day, and I'm so inspired by your 5K goals.

    P.S. I think that you look beautiful in that picture. :-)