Thursday, August 18, 2011

Asheville Veg Fest!

I'm finally doing a post on Asheville's first Veg Fest!  It was a great festival--it was small, but there were a lot of great vendors and even better food.  I had some amazing food!  

Here are some of the food vendors and pictures from the festival:

(Veggie Love-a new food truck in Asheville that's set to officially open in September)

(Some amazing raw food from Veggie Love)

(I didn't actually have a veggie dog, I just thought it was cool that they were selling them!)

(Green Light Vegetarian Kitchen is an all vegetarian restaurant in Asheville that I still haven't tried yet.)

(A bit of the menu from Green Light)

(This cake was AMAZING!  It was a raw cake from Veggie Love.  R got a piece that we shared and then I ended up going back and getting my own!)

(Veg-In-Out is one of TWO local vegetarian/vegan meal delivery services.  They provide a week's worth of food for you.  The other service was also at the festival and it's called Wingbean.)

(Veg-In-Out was serving up some samples of some of their meals.)

(Gypsy Queen Food Truck makes some amazing Lebanese food--she made everything vegan for Veg Fest.  This was the first time I ate at GQ and I had the best falafel I have ever eaten!)

(This shirt is from Chai Pani-an Indian restaurant that has a lot of veg options on their menu.  I just thought the shirt was funny!  I have not tried Chai Pani yet.)

(Some of the books that Firestorm was selling.)

(Firestorm was also selling some of the Herbivore stickers.)

(I loved this shirt but didn't end up buying one.  It's from a company who makes tofu out of Virginia called Twin Oaks.  I did buy one block of their tofu though.)

(This is the woman who owns the Gypsy Queen Food Truck where I had the amazing falafel.  She is fighting pretty hard right now to make it possible for food trucks to stay in Downtown Asheville.)

(I have not tried the "Farmacy" yet but love the name.)

(Thoroughly enjoying the best falafel ever!)

(R trying some of the samples from Veg-In-Out.)

(The Hop is a local ice cream shop that usually has 2 or 3 vegan ice cream flavors each day but all of the ice cream they sold was vegan for Veg Fest!  Yay!)

Some other random photos from the festival and around Asheville

(Could a veg fest be complete without a sweet animal mascot?)

(Her tattoo has a rabbit on it and says "vegan"--you really have to be committed to the cause to get a tattoo!)

(I LOVED this quote!  So true.)

(Green Sage should have been representing at Veg Fest--they always have great veg options and are all about sustainability.  They are a great local business to support.)

I hope that Veg Fest continues to grow in the future.  For it being the first year, I thought it was great!  Asheville's veg scene seems to keep growing.  It's such a great town to live in and be vegan!

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