Friday, November 12, 2010

Onion Project Success!

So....I am a nerd.  I own that and I even embrace it.  It's just who I am.  So this project is a little on the nerdy side, but it was a total success.  Awhile back, someone on the Weight Watchers Vegetarian Message Board mentioned prepping a bag of onions all at once and freezing them.  That way you just cry once and get it over with.  So I started doing that.  However, it still felt like a pain in the ass to me b/c it burned my eyes so bad and by the time I was finished, it was like I had just watched My Life with Michael Keaton.  So, when Rebekah asked me to pick up some goggles for her so she could swim at the gym, I decided to get some for myself to try out this little project.

Step 1:  Get some goggles

Step 2:  Get a bag of onions

Step 3:  Get other supplies ready: food processor, knife and cutting board and containers to put your onions in

Step 4:  Chop the onions into chunks, food process and put into individual containers-then freeze

That's it!  If you prepare your onions this way, it takes the hassle out of it.  You wear the goggles so you don't cry, you prep a lot of them at once and you freeze them.  You will always have onions ready to go into any recipe at any time.  Amazing!  


  1. Hey, glad to see this worked for you! Here's another trick for avoiding the tears while you chop:

    Make tea! If you have gas burners on your stove, fill up a tea pot and put it on to boil. The gas flame burns off the oils in the onion, cutting back on tears.

    Alternatively, you can task your husband with it. In fact, Mr. H just chopped about 10# of onions for me this morning!


  2. Thanks for the tip with the tea! I have never heard that before....thanks! :)

  3. This is a brilliant idea!

    I rarely use fresh onion because it hurts my eyes so much. I generally buy pre-chopped frozen onions.

    I'm gonna get me some goggles!

  4. That is a great idea! I will have to try it! BTW found your blog off of the Weight Watchers message boards. Way to go for losing so much weight! It's really inspiring! You look great!