Wednesday, January 20, 2010

An Overweight Vegan

Many people might think this is an oxymoron-an overweight vegan, but unfortunately it's not. I have always been overweight. My weight has constantly been a struggle. When I was in college, I lost a lot of weight-around 80-90 lbs doing Sugar Busters and then Weight Watchers. This was before I was vegan or vegetarian. Once I was out of college and working and going to graduate school full time, my healthy eating habits started to slip. I thought I was too busy to focus on my weight loss journey. My weight started creeping back up. Then I became a vegan in 2005 for ethical reasons but I naively thought that it would solve my weight loss struggles. I thought I would no longer have to worry about my weight. However, being vegan does not equal being healthy. Proof of this, here are some vegan foods:

-Reeses ice cream shell topping
-Krispy Creme Fruit Pies
-Spicy Sweet Chili Flavored Doritos
-Lays Potato Chips

......and the list goes on. Vegan, yes. Healthy, no. And when I first became vegan, I had something I like to call the "Vegan Survival Instinct." When I found vegan foods, I would eat them. I would have never eaten the Reeses Ice Cream Shell topping or Oreos before I was vegan, however, all of a sudden I felt like it was my vegan obligation to indulge in these foods now. The weight continued to creep up.

Fast forward to the summer of 2009 and I have gained all but maybe 5 pounds of the 80-90 pounds I lost in college. This was quite an eye opener. I knew I had to do something. Half assing my way through Weight Watchers wasn't cutting it. Following the points in the morning and then falling off by evening just wasn't working. I knew I had to join and I had to jump in head first in order to be successful. I had to attend meetings, get online on the vegetarian message board and be a "super Weight Watcher." The summer was a perfect time for me to do this since I am a school counselor and have summers off. I was able to join WW, get organized and figure out how to be successful.

Now it's January 2010 and I am sticking to Weight Watchers. I am down 38 pounds since the end of June and have a long way to go. But I feel so great about the progress I have made. I try to cook at least one new recipe a week. I get excited about finding new, healthy foods and recipes. I am figuring out how to make being healthy a way of life. I want to be a healthy vegan. I feel like my veganism has evolved. I enjoy vegan recipes that have all kinds of produce in them whereas before, I only liked the "trashy" vegan recipes. I feel like I am moving in the right direction. I also turn to the veg message board a lot for advice, tips and support. It has been an excellent resource.

Welcome to my blog. I plan to share recipes, pieces of my weight loss journey and my quest for health here. Thanks for reading!



  1. Thanks for sharing this info. I too, turned to veganism 2 years ago as a way to control my weight, but I haven't had that much success in that department.

    On other blogs that I have read about this subject, bloggers have made reference to other members of society being overweight, why should anyone be shocked that vegans could be as well? Somehow I don't feel comforted by this.

    Vegans do, in my opinion, eat a healthier diet than most (if following true vegan eating habits which delete white sugar and all the other prohibited foods you make reference to in your entry.)

    It all comes down to volume.If you eat more calories, vegan or otherwise, than you expend each day, your body is going to store them as fat - period!

    If I were a pony, I would be known as an "easy keeper" in the horse world! Doesn't take much to keep me roly poly!

  2. Good for you. That is awesome. Remember our weight problems come not from eating too much, but the reasons why we eat too much. Sometimes it is not being able to sit with uncomfortable feelings (like hunger!). Addressing the core issue is vital to successful weight loss. Craving fats and sugars can be symptomatic of metabolic disorders, chemical imbalances and even the influence of the bacteria in your intestines. Keep at it and you'll lose the weight, but keep one eye on your emotions for clues as to why you gave up your healthy habits last time.

  3. I just read your entire blog page. I'm not vegan, but do try to eat as many whole foods as possible. I am also a Weight Watcher. I made your Hungry Girl Oatmeal this morning and I'm in love with it! I plan on trying a few of your other recipes . Keep up the great work! Thanks for sharing all your info on products, too!

  4. Going through the same thing as you did! Thankfully, I found your blog to help me out! As you can see, I'm starting with your first post and following your journey. Thank you for sharing!