Monday, October 24, 2011

Eat to Live Week 1 Recap and Enjoying the Fall

(I've been trying to get outside as much as possible lately to enjoy the beautiful fall scenery-above is a picture of trail that I go walking and jogging on.)

I am now halfway through week 2 of the Eat to Live program and I am still feeling great!  Here are my stats from week one:

-I lost 4.8 pounds (Note: You will not see this weight loss reflected in my ticker off to the side because I recently got back from a family trip where I gained quite a bit of weight.)
-My blood pressure dropped from 110/76 to 110/68

These are the only 2 measurable stats that I am keeping track of for the student's senior project.  I have compiled a list of other positives that I have noticed/experienced over the course of the first week and a half:

-Kicked my coffee/caffeine habit
-Stopped using stevia (I was using an insane amount of it)
-Started to get less hungry in between meals
-Pretty successful with eating dinner and a dessert then being finished for the day (I am able to stop eating rather than continuing to eat more food even though I’m not hungry)
-Discovered my pumpkin banana smoothie!
-Many of the recipes we cook are already appropriate for Eat to Live.

Here are some of the negatives that I have for the program:

-The first couple of days without coffee and snacking was ROUGH!
-I discovered cashew butter (this might end up being a food I cannot have in the house b/c it’s a little too indulgent and maybe a trigger food for me).
-I need to come up with more breakfast and dessert ideas.
-I am still struggling with not snacking at all-I have modified this a bit to snacking on just fruit when I feel hungry (even though Dr. Fuhrman says this is “toxic hunger”).
-The first week I took salads in my lunch everyday and it started getting old quick!  I made some hummus over the weekend to eat with raw veggies in hopes that it will mix things up a bit. 
-There's a lot of food prep involved in order to be satisfied with my meals.

Overall, the positive definitely outweigh the negative.  I am still just finding a groove and figuring things out.  Another positive for the week is that I activated my Groupon coupon for a 2 month gym membership.  I had been holding on to it for awhile to wait until my 5K was finished.  I did the 5K last weekend so now I am excited to take some classes and do some different types of exercise.  Also, the weather has been very pretty lately and I have been getting out and enjoying the fall leaves while they are still on the trees.  Here are a couple more pictures that I have taken with my phone camera:

I am going to try and enjoy this fall weather as much as I can before winter rolls in! 

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  1. Hey! I almost jumped for joy when I found your blog. I'm an overweight vegan and I find myself almost embarrassed to tell people I'm vegan not because I'm ashamed of it in any way but because I feel like they look at me and think "really?!?" I went back to the beginning of your blog and read through most of your posts. Your progress is really inspiring. I just requested a couple of the books that you've mentioned from my local library and I'm excited to see what I learn from them. Thanks for sharing your story!