Thursday, July 14, 2011

Life in a Blender

(Picking blueberries at the orchard)

I went to see my chiropractor the other day and when I told her about life being stressful right now, she said, "It's like you're in a blender."  That pretty much sums up how life has been lately....."life in a blender."  It's been chaotic.  Moving is such a huge transition but this time there are a lot of other factors involved.  R has started her new job in Asheville but I don't have a job there yet.  Our house went up on the market last week and we now have a rental place on top of that.  Yikes....a lot is going on right now.  I just thought I would do more of a picture post this time of life as it is right now.  I am trying to balance as much as possible-the things that have to get done and also trying to enjoy summer a bit.  

(Drum Circle-Downtown Asheville)

(Rosetta's Kitchen-Asheville)

(Constantly mowing with the push mower)

(A chocolate pie recipe I am working on)

(Great Smoky Mountains National Park)

(Trying to keep up with my workouts)

(Nothing says summer like watermelon)

(Check out that sweat dripping down my face!)

(Being silly with strawberries)

(Looking Glass Falls, NC)

(Rosetta's street food)

(The Big Crafty-Indie Craft Fair)

(Downtown Asheville)

(Walking around downtown Asheville)

I am really hoping that life settles down some really soon!  I love that we are in the process of making our dream to get to Asheville come true, but it sure is stressful in the process!  


  1. My wife and I visited Asheville a few years ago and had a great time. It seems like an awesome place to live!


    Sorry, had to get that out there. ;-)

    Great pictures, I especially love the silly strawberry one. "Life in a blender" is a great metaphor! Love it.

  3. Thanks, Leah! "Life in a Blender" pretty much sums it up! :)

  4. I hear ya! If a stressful life is like living in a blender, I think I live in a VitaMix (and wish I actually had one :)

    I hope your stress gets better and wish peace of mind to you. You do look great!