Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Ridiculously Easy DIY "Honey" Mustard Dressing

I ran out of the salad dressing that I usually use the other day so I started tinkering with some ingredients to see if I could come up with a "honey" dijon mustard style dressing.  This is so super easy I feel kind of ridiculous posting this, but I figured there might be someone out there who would be interested.  So here it is, my ridiculously easy "honey" mustard salad dressing!

"Honey" Mustard Dressing
(Makes 1-2 servings)

-1-2 TBSP of dijon mustard 
-1 packet of Truvia or sweetener of choice
-splash (1-2 TBSP) of plain non-dairy milk

Add the mustard and Truvia together with a splash of non-dairy milk.  

Stir it all up and then determine if it's the desired consistency.  You may want to add more non-dairy milk if you want your dressing to be a little thinner or to have a less powerful mustard taste.  

If it is the desired consistency, then that's it!  Easy as that!  That's why I feel kind of crazy posting this, but I figured if it took me that long to figure out, then someone else might benefit from it.  :)  Then you put it on your salad and enjoy!

Easy, simple DIY "honey" mustard dressing in just a couple of minutes (or less)!  

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