Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Good Deal Alert!

I LOVE using canned pumpkin.  I use it for muffins, french toast, cookies, etc.  I love it because it's good in so many things and it's so healthy.  I also love to buy organic as much as possible.  Organic canned pumpkin can often be very expensive.  Sometimes it's $2.50-$3.00 a can for the organic kind.  But Amazon has a good deal on the Farmers Market brand of organic canned pumpkin.  It's $16.00 for 12 cans OR it's $13.60 if you do the "Subscribe and Save" option.  That makes it out to be just a little over $1 a can.  I love the "Subscribe and Save" because you automatically get 15% off the product and free shipping.  I have it set up for Amazon to send me the pumpkin every 6 months, but it's no big deal if I change my mind.  I can change how often I want them to send it, skip a shipment or just cancel the "subscription" all together without having to pay a fee.  I use "Subscribe and Save" for a lot of different things such as vegan vitamins, agave nectar, Organic Zero sweetener and vital wheat gluten.  I thought you might be interested!

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