Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New Year's Day 2013

I guess New Year's is as good a time as any to get back with it.  I haven't blogged since July!  Every time I sat down to the computer to do a blog entry, I just didn't have it in me.  So, I just gave myself a break.  I didn't completely abandon all of my health and fitness goals over the past several months, but I definitely lost the spark that I had before.  I stuck with my workouts at the gym and I ate healthy most of the time, but my weight is definitely not what I want it to be.  I haven't weighed since getting back from Christmas vacation....I am going to give myself a little more time for that.  I know it won't be pretty but I would rather be doing something about it before actually seeing the number.  

Rather than spending a lot of time going on and on about how weight loss is so hard, I will just sum it up by saying that I loosened the reigns some and it shows.  I am going to post a series of pictures of me from this fall.  The first picture was taken just last night at New Year's Eve:

(Beka and me at Plant-New Year's Eve)

(Sometime in October)

(Both of the pictures above were from a fun photo shoot that we did back in late September right after I dyed my hair red.  I still have the red hair and I plan to keep it for awhile!)

(I got to go home 3 times this fall (including Christmas break) to see my family!  It was great getting to see them so much but this is part of the reason for being unsuccessful with my weight loss.)

(A couple of things I am proud of from this fall is sticking to my fitness goals for the most part.  I continued to go to the gym almost everyday and I also tried to get in some hiking especially while the leaves were pretty.  The first picture was taken after a Zumba class and the second picture was taken after I got my heart rate up to 184-the highest ever for me!)  

(The above 3 pictures are just from different times over the past couple of months.)  

So, here I am ready to get 100% fully committed to my health again.  I plan to post more and I plan to read your blogs more often too because that's how I stay focused.  Here's to a healthy, happy 2013.